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What does Knot & Hairline Customization include? 

knot customization is the customizing and tinting of the knots for a realistic scalp like appearance. Hairline alteration is the thinning out and alteration of the hairline of the wig to make it look more like a natural hairline 

What does Density Mean?

Density is the amount of hair in each unit, what we may refer to as thickness or fullness, to understand the exact amount we have provided a simple chart below.

130%: 2 bundles and closure or frontal

150%: 2.5 bundles and closure or frontal

180%: 3.5 bundles and closure or frontal

200%: 4.5 bundles and closure or frontal

How long do the extensions last?

all crowns are guaranteed to last 6 months at minimum and have been known to last upwards of 2 years plus depending on the  maintenance of the crown. We suggest using our extension elixir system to longevity of extensions and best results 

How Do I Secure My Crown?

All crowns come customized to your head size in a one size fits most cap.  each unit comes with an adjustable band and/or elastic band, as well as combs. for a easy glueless installation.  simply tighten the adjustable straps or bands to accomodate smaller heads or loosen for larger sizes. to see exactly what each crown comes with simply check the crown specs located directly next to the crown picture. For additional security or other options for installation, you may sew your unit down, or we offer lace wig products ranging from Quick Grip Bands, lace adhesive, tape, remover, and skin protectant from Bold Hold. Simply add these Hair Care items to your cart before checkout 

What do I do With My hair Underneath?

There are Several options on how to wear your hair underneath. you can mold down your hair in a slick pony tail and apply a nude wig cap before applying your wig. Or our personal favorite, small cornrows - straight back for frontal and full lace crowns. and for closure crown simply part hair where you would like crown to lay and cornrow downward. if you suffer from hair loss or simply have no hair due to choice, simply apply a nude cap or a Quick Grip Band underneath for easy effortless application 

What do you suggest I use to maintain the wash  my crown?

We suggest you use the Extension Elixir system, its a  full line of hair care products  specifically formulated to be used on hair extensions, allowing the extensions to remain feeling like new, moisturized and luxurious. check out those products on the site by clicking here 

How often should I wash my crown?

Every 10-14 days

Any other suggestions?

Just like your natural hair your extensions need to be trimmed as often as every 3/4  months as it will help maintain the integrity of the hair. Be careful when taking your crown on and off! Be sure the combs and elastic band are snug but not tight, adjust as needed for best fit .